Spenser Dawson was born in Panama City Beach , FL.  He began his Airbrush Career as an Artist Assistance for his uncle in his Grandfathers Airbrush Shop, at the age of 11.  Two Years later he was working as an relief artist for his uncle and gaining more and more experience. Then at the age of 14, he officially began his career of an Airbrush Artist.  He worked for 12 years with his Grandfather and uncle until the business closed.  He went on to do other things for a few years including Hotel Management , but the art started to draw him back. In 2012 he jumped back in to Airbrush working for a few different shop until he found is home at Tropix Beach Shop.  Over the last 6 Years he's build a customer base that return to him each and every year. He has seen new born baby grows to young children that chose his designs year after year..


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